Does Cold Email Work Anymore? 💌

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May 23rd, 2024

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“Why is nobody getting back to my emails?”

Is it my email copy? Subject line? Follow-ups? Am I going into spam? Are people just not interested in what I offer? Does it not work in my industry? Bad lists? etc. etc. etc.

Well, it could be any of those.

Conservatively speaking, 9/10 emails are left unanswered.

If you’re in the 90%, it could be for a variety of reasons, but for the purpose of this newsletter, let’s focus on email copy.

Prospects consistently tell us things like, “I never respond to cold emails, but yours caught my attention…”

We’ve been paid thousands of dollars to train teams on email copy — we’re sending over 1m emails every month for our customers — and below are the cliff notes for a simple structure we recommend for sending emails:

Always think P.P.S.P.A. (1 sentence for each)

  • 🎯 Purpose: Forget the pleasantries and get to the point — what is the reason for your email and why is it relevant to them

  • ❌ Problem: Focus on the problem that you solve — they need to buy into the problem before they consider a solution

  • 💡 Solution: How your offering solves that problem and what makes you different

  • Proof: Nobody wants to be the first — showcase you’ve done this before — bonus points if you can name-drop some well-known brands as social proof

  • 🤝 Ask: Every email should have a question with a clear CTA

For subject lines: short, clear, and with a good hook (10 words or less)

As George Orwell said, “Never use a long word where a short one will do. If you can cut a word out, always cut it out.”

Simplicity wins — especially when it comes to email.

Unlock the World Through Cold Emails! 🌍 Watch the full 22-min video here

Video published: April 10, 2024

I was a guest recently on the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast, where we talked about how cold email has helped me travel the world — and how it can for others, too.

I run Email Outreach Company as a “digital nomad” — spending 1+ months in places like Positano, Paris, Hawaii, South of France, Florence, Montenegro, among other beautiful places in the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • 🌐 Cold emailing as a gateway to global travel: Effective cold emailing can secure big brand customers and support a digital nomadic lifestyle. (2:47)

  • 🌟 Living the dream through hard work: Breaking the rules and setting a solid foundation can allow you to live your ideal life, while building a successful business. (09:52)

  • 📈 Build foundational skills: Successful global entrepreneurship hinges on skills like sales, communication, systems, etc. (16:05)

Product Spotlight:

Instantly is the solution

We run all of our 3,000+ inboxes for our clients through

And we generate all of our 500,000-contact lists through Instantly for 10x cheaper than we used to.

If you haven’t signed up, I highly recommend you give it a try.

Emily Post from the Etiquette in Society (in 1922) said the following, “For writing… simplicity, naturalness, and force.”

With writing, simplicity has always been important and is now more important than ever because of how many ads we receive every day.

3 Simple Email Copy Tips:

  1. Show the prospect that you value them by being concise, direct, and that you understand the problem that they may be facing (because of their role at their company)

  2. Follow P.P.S.P.A. — it works

  3. Implement Spintax into your copy (randomize your copy to make each email slightly different — this will help you land in the inbox and out of spam)

Check out (and use) Cold Email Writer 2.0 — this is a GPT that we created so you can customize your email copy into the email copy that converts best for us and our customers — it includes Spintax, too!

(NOTE: you need GPT-4 for GPTs to work)

More questions? Schedule a call with me and I’d be happy to help.

My Last $.02

Cold email is not a button you turn on and off — like any marketing medium, it requires studying the art to learn how to do it most effectively.

It requires testing and pivoting — from messaging to ICP — until you get to message market fit.

Embrace the art of cold email. It works — but it needs to be done right.

No longer can we just hack together a cold email strategy and expect it to work.

But, if we respect the art and do it right, cold email can, and should help you grow your business.

I’m here to help.

Until next time, happy emailing!


Adam Rosen
Email Outreach Company
New York, New York

PS — ready to leverage cold email for more sales? Schedule a call and let's get you started.

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