How to Reach Celebrities Using Cold Email 📧

Inside: Google's Cutting-Edge New Tool for Cold Emailing 🚀

June 25th, 2024

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Wondering how to reach celebrities via email?

🔔 Spoiler Alert: Influencer marketing is booming, and getting celebrities to rave about your product is more achievable than ever.

Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere, with an estimated value north of 20 billion dollars. If your business aligns with an influencer’s audience, it could be a worthwhile strategy for you and your business.

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect? You're not alone. Marketers everywhere are navigating these shifts.

Let’s dive in.

What's Inside This Issue:

  • 📈 Market Boom: Influencer marketing is set to hit $15 billion by 2022, providing vast opportunities for brand exposure.

  • 🚀 Strategic Outreach: Learn why a systematic approach to contacting celebrities and influencers beats random attempts.

  • ✉️ Crafting Effective Emails: Discover how focusing on personalization, understanding preferences, and offering unique value can boost your engagement rates.

  • 📨 Gmail's New AI Tool: Gmail has just unveiled its latest innovation, the Gemini AI tool, designed to make email management a breeze.

📰 Upcoming in this issue

  • Mastering Celebrity Outreach ✨

  • Discovering Sales Potential with Cold Email 📧

  • Gmail's New Gemini AI: The Future of Email Management 🤖

Mastering Celebrity Outreach  read the full 3,824-word article here

Article published: June 20, 2024

People always ask me “What does it take to get a celebrity or influencer raving about my product or business?”. My answer is that it takes a lot of determination, perseverance, a plan of action, and making use of The Handbook’s celebrity and influencer resource.

I just finished reading "How To Contact Celebrities So You Get A Response" from The Handbook, and it’s packed with intriguing insights on connecting with celebrities via email.

The article emphasizes that using a platform like The Handbook’s can streamline the process, allowing you to send personalized emails to thousands of influencers in seconds, maximizing brand exposure by correctly approaching celebrities and influencers who dominate social media.

Key Takeaways:

  • 💡 Determine the Right Contact: The best way to reach celebrities is through their representatives, not direct messages on social media.

  • 📊 Leverage Data: Analyzing celebrity social media activity can help tailor your approach and gift selection to their preferences.

  • 🎁 Personalized Gifting: Customized gifts significantly increase the likelihood of a positive response and social media shout-outs.

  • 📈 Engage Micro-Influencers: Micro-influencers with 5k-100k followers often have higher engagement rates and can be more approachable and cost-effective.

Discovering Sales Potential with Cold Email 📧 watch the full 33-min video here

Video published: June 11, 2024

In "Build Your Business Sales Through Cold Email Outreach and Scaling It With Newsletters" on the Millionaire Mindcast podcast with Matt Aitchison, I talked about cold email, newsletters, and getting more customers.

Focusing on cold email outreach, I reveal how this powerful tool can help you land major clients and build a profitable community.

Drawing from my experience of founding and selling a tech startup, I share practical tips and strategies to master email marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  • 📧 Cold email outreach is crucial for startups: I used it to secure big brand clients, underscoring its importance for top-of-funnel sales. (00:00)

  • 📊 Targeting specific groups enhances effectiveness: Reach out to well-defined audiences, like real estate firms, for better lead generation. (04:53)

  • 🛠 Use tools for affordable contact lists: Tools like Instantly and Apollo help businesses obtain high-quality contacts inexpensively. (18:20)

  • 📈 High-quality copy and plain text emails work best: Avoid spam filters and boost engagement with clear, simple messages. (09:22)

Gmail's New Gemini AI: The Future of Email Management 🤖✨ read the full 188-word article here

Article published: June 25, 2024

Have you ever needed to send a quick email without worrying about drafting one yourself or perhaps you need to know the content of an email thread without going through it yourself?

I just read "Gmail now has a new Gemini AI tool to summarize email threads and draft new emails" by Techloy, and it's packed with intriguing details about this game-changing feature.

Available exclusively for paid Gemini users, this tool can effortlessly summarize lengthy email threads and draft new emails, accessible only to Google Workspace customers with specific Gemini add-ons or Google One AI Premium subscribers.

Integrated into Gmail for both Android and iOS, this feature promises to streamline our email experience significantly, soon available to the public along with new Q&A and Contextual Smart Reply features.

Key Takeaways:

  • 🛂 Exclusive Access: Only paid Gemini users and specific Google Workspace subscribers can use the new AI features.

  • 📱 Mobile Integration: The summarize capability will also be available on Gmail for Android and iOS.

  • ✉️ Streamlined Summaries: The "Summarize this email" button appears under the subject line for threads with more than two responses.

  • 🚀 Upcoming Features: New Q&A and Contextual Smart Reply features will launch next month.

My Last $.02

Cold email can get you to anyone, celebrities included.

Does their audience align with yours? If so, it might be a unique approach to get in front of more potential buyers.

Remember, cold email is just a source to connect Party A with Party B — if the contact info exists for “Party B”, we should leverage it — it could be your X factor.

Until next time, happy emailing!


Adam Rosen
Email Outreach Company
New York, New York

PS — ready to leverage cold email for more sales? Schedule a call and let's get you started.

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